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This is the home of Rick's photographic product portfolio, featuring images from around the world. We hope you enjoy the collection. Everything here is available for sale as an image or licensed digital download.

This new web site was launched in February 2010. It may take some weeks to move all our image galleries to this site. Our old site will remain available until RickCollierImagery has been fully populated.

About Rick Collier

Rick Collier is a photographer and writer with a worldwide portfolio, specializing in international travel, destination, cultural, landscape, nature, and underwater subjects. Over three decades he has traveled the world and developed a unique eye and voice to express perspectives on learning and experiencing divergent cultures, histories, and "traveler's tales."

Rick often works in partnership with his wife, travel writer Nancy Bauer. They are both available for local or worldwide assignments.

Please do not hesitate to contact Rick.

About Use Terms, Copyright, and Licensing

All images on these pages are available for sale. Images may be bought as products or downloaded for use according to relevant license terms as follows:

Purchase License Terms: All images on this site are available to be purchased as a print or product or for digital download for personal or commercial use according to the appropriate license terms. (If purchased, the display watermarks you see on these pages will be removed.) Licenses are available for personal or commercial use. Images may only be used for any money-making endeavor under the appropriate commercial license. Otherwise, all commercial rights are reserved.

Creative Commons license for select Logo Products:
Creative Commons LicenseImages that incorporate the logo of Rick Collier Imagery and/or The Photo Tourist may be made available in a special collection and may be downloaded freely for personal use and sharing based on Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Most of those images have been published on Rick's blog about travel and photography, "The Photo Tourist." You may download those images under three specific conditions: They may not be modified or altered (in particular, the original logo watermark must be preserved and clearly visible); if displayed online, they must be accompanied by a link-back to the original photo on these pages or the relevant post on "The Photo Tourist;" and they may not be displayed for any commercial purpose (including on any web site that seeks advertising revenue or other profit).

Public Service and nonprofit use: Rick is happy to support nonprofit and public service causes. Please contact the photographer to secure permission or to request custom products.